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AI that transforms how 

clinics operate

We built emot to be the most efficient mental health platform on the market by breaking data silos between patients, therapists, and physicians.

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Unifying the treatment experience

at every touch point

How it works​

You can have it all...

We envision a world where clinicians can effortlessly deliver evidence-based care, access all digital tools in a single space, and minimize time spent on non-clinical tasks. Our mission is to support the creation of efficient, engaging, and transformative practices.

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Built by clinicians for clinicians

Automation built on the most powerful AI Engines

Intuitive workflows across all points of care

Engaging patient-facing application guiding the treatment journey 

Community of high-quality care built on facilitating evidence-based practice

A fully integrated

suite of mental health services and revenue cycle products powered by AI

Custom modular solutions

Base Model: EHR Functionality

Emot redefines EHR functionality, offering streamlined appointment scheduling, efficient billing processes, and AI-enhanced clinical documentation for seamless integration into any clinical practice.

Measurement-Based Care Enhancement

We elevate patient treatment with advanced tracking tools for medication, TMS, and ketamine therapies, alongside insightful real-time data analytics for monitoring treatment effectiveness.

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Prescription Management Integration

This module simplifies medication oversight by seamlessly integrating with prescription software, managing lab results, and facilitating genomic testing, enhancing overall patient care efficiency.

Affiliate Model for Professional Development

CBT Toolbox

Emot offers a comprehensive suite of cognitive behavioral therapy resources, including e-learning modules, therapy trackers, and AI-assisted treatment planning, enriching both patient education and therapeutic outcomes.

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Affiliate Model for Professional Development provides invaluable resources for continuing education, networking opportunities, and marketing tools, fostering growth and connections within the mental health professional community.

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Automate your clinic today

Test out all of our features with our 30-day free trial with the plus plan today.

Once your trial ends you can choose which plan is right for you.


For solo practices that need their operations to run effortlessly

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Paperless patient intake

AI-automated documentation

AI-driven data management

Appointment scheduling

Revenue-cycle management

Coding and insurance 

Communication suite

Patient portal


For group practices providing measurement-based care

Starts at




Outcome measure library

Neuropsychiatric Interview

Custom assessment builder

SDOH monitoring 

Digital health integration

AI-Drivent guidance

Automated data summary

Practice-wide reporting

CBT Module

For practices offer personalized cognitive behavioral therapy

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Rx Module

For practices Offering

medication management

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Full e-prescription 

Electronic refill requests

Electronic benefits check

Electronic prior authorization

Import Rx history


Drug interaction check

Rx algorithm check

TMS path visualizer


Ketamine path visualizer



Disorder specific modules 

Electronic CBT worksheets

CBT Path visualizer

Exposure Tracker

VR Exposure Library

CBT session recap

CBT Path visualizer

Mindfulness Moments

Gratitude Journal


precison health


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Availability of programs and services may vary by location and is subject to change.

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